Prospective Authors

CIS Arbitration Forum welcomes submissions on the issues related to international dispute resolution related to the former Soviet Union. Texts on arbitration, conciliation, new developments in commercial dispute resolution are particularly encouraged. All articles are subject to editing and proofreading.

Re-printing articles published on the CIS Arbitration Forum is allowed but only with a live link to the original.

Authors are requested to follow these guidelines:

1. The word length should be between 500 words (one page) and 1,400 words per contribution.

2. The authors are requested to provide a short summary (ie two or three bullet points) of the contribution’s key points.

3. The piece should not be overly technical, but practical and engaging. Please follow older posts as a precedent for style (no footnotes, use subheadings, a short title, short sentences, etc.)

PDF - for LibraryDownload the сhecklist for drafting posts.

Please send your contribution to the Forum email indicated below. Authors will be promptly notified of the editors’ decision.