Russian Arbitration Day Will Take Place in June 2013

MKAS at RUssian Chamber of CommerceRussian Arbitration Day will take place on 20 June 2013 at the Congress Centre of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Moscow. CIS Arbitration Forum is an information sponsor of the event.

This conference is different from others for the following reasons.  

First, participation in the conference is free of charge. This policy is aimed at attracting delegates from every part of the arbitration community – in Russia and abroad.

Each speaker will have 20-25 minutes to make their address. The organisers want to make the conference informative for the delegates and the number of speakers is restricted to allow selected speakers ample time.

The organisers plan to publish annual proceedings of the conference.

The organisers will thoroughly select the conference speakers using objective criteria.

The moderators will receive the speakers’ papers before the conference begins. If a paper does not meet the conference’s standards the moderators will suggest changes and (with the agreement of the conference directors) deselect the author if he/she does not agree to make them.

The holders of the conference are the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) and the Maritime Arbitration Commission (MAC) at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A steering committee will be responsible for the actual running of the conference.

Chair of the steering committee: A.A. Kostin, chair of the ICAC and MAC and Professor and Head of the Private International and Civil Law Department at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

The conference directors will run the conference:

1)     Alexander I. Muranov, Ph. D in Law, Associate Professor at the MGIMO’s Private International and Civil Law Department, managing partner of Muranov, Chernyakov & Partners;

2)     Roman M. Khodykin, Ph. D in Law, partner at the London office of Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP.

Selection criteria for speakers

The conference directors want this to be the best arbitration-related conference in Russia – an event to provide an arena for discussion of the most controversial and topical issues in international arbitration. To this end, objective criteria will be used to select speakers, to ensure that the best candidates are given a platform. Candidates will go through the following selection process:

Everyone who wants to take part in the conference should send a conference proposal abstract for the paper they would like to give. The abstract should be a maximum of 10,000 characters (including spaces) and should include:

  • The theme of the paper.
  • A description of why the paper is topical.
  • How far the issue has already been elaborated and, in particular, a description of existing views (not merely a list of authors) on the matter in the Russian and/or foreign literature.
  • The essential points of the author’s propositions and innovations.
  • Details of the author: international arbitration experience, academic qualifications/positions and posts held within organisations relating to international arbitration.

The abstracts will form the basis for the first round of candidate selection, according to the following criteria:

Innovation: The organisers give priority in the candidate selection process to authors proposing papers on new or topical themes research into which is not found in Russian literature (even in the author’s own previous publications).

Thorough theoretical workup of theme: The organisers expect authors  to analyse the current literature and judicial and arbitral practice in depth.

Practical value: The organizers take into account the implications of the paper for practice.

Other criteria: Consideration will be given to the author’s academic qualifications/positions and experience in international arbitration practice.

The steering committee reserves the right to bypass the selection process in order to invite well-known arbitration specialists to speak.

Stages in preparation for the conference:

28 February 2013 – Deadline for sending abstracts to the moderators for the various sessions.

15 March 2013 – Selection of speakers based on the abstracts.

30 April 2013 – Selected candidates to send in their papers for publication in the proceedings.

15 May 2013 – Comments from the moderators on the papers / notice to authors where papers are not of the required standard and will not be given at the conference.

1 June 2013 – Submission of finalised papers.

18 June 2013 – Speakers to send in text for slides or hand-outs that they plan to use at the conference.

19 June 2013 – Pre-conference dinner for the speakers.

Submission of conference proposal abstracts:

Please send the abstracts directly to the moderator for the section for which you propose the paper.

Section 1: General questions concerning arbitration and statutory reforms in the sphere of international arbitration. The editor and moderator for this section is Professor Nina G. Vilkova (Doctor of Law), e-mail:

Section 2: Procedural issues in arbitral proceedings. The editor and moderator for this section is Roman M. Khodykin, e-mail:

Section 3: Applicable law in international commercial arbitration. The editor and moderator for this section is Associate Professor (dotsent) Anton V. Asoskov (Doctor of Law), e-mail:

N.B.: the conference organisers are under no obligation to review or return conference proposal abstracts or full papers submitted, except those selected to be given at the conference.

If you have any questions please contact the conference directors:

Alexander I. Muranov, e-mail:

Roman M. Khodykin, e-mail:



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About the Author:

Dr Davydenko is a co-editor of the CIS Arbitration Forum. He is an associate professor at Belarusian State University), Departments of International law and Civil Law. Dmitry Davydenko has experience as an arbitrator in the ICC and other arbitral proceedings and is listed as a recommended arbitrator of DIAC, HKIAC as well as of other reputed arbitral institutions. Included in the list of best practitioners in arbitration in Russia as of the years 2017 through 2021 (a Global leader for 2022) by Who’s Who Legal and Global Arbitration Review (GAR). He also acts as a Russian law expert on various matters related to international commerce.

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