Evrobalt LLC v. Republic of Moldova (SCC Emergency Arbitration)

In May 2016 Evrobalt LLC, a Russian shareholder of JSC Moldova Agroindbank (MAIB) applied for interim relief from SCC Emergency Arbitrator Mr.
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 Georgios Petrochilos.

The dispute arose out of the actions by the National Bank of Moldova impairing the Claimant’s shareholding in MAIB: finding that Claimant failed to receive its approval of obtaining substantive shareholding, subsequent suspension of its shareholding rights and prospected forced sale of shares. Claimant alleged the violations of 1998 Russian-Moldovan BIT provisions on fair and equitable treatment (Article 3) and expropriation (Article 6).

In emergency arbitration Evrobalt LLC requested that the Moldovan authorities refrain from any further steps leading to the cancellation of its shareholding in MAIB.
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Emergency Arbitrator denied the application, seeing lack of the risk of any resulting harm, non-compensable by an award of monetary compensation in the main arbitral proceedings.
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Evrobalt LLC v Moldova SCC EA 2016/082

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