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The focus of this issue is arbitration in Kazakhstan. This country rarely appears in hot news blocks but is very rich in mineral resources.
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It is also sometimes called the geographical “buckle” of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, with the latter first announced by Xi Jinping in the then Astana in 2013.
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Numerous joint international projects in mining and construction that had been launched in the last decades gave rise to international arbitrations, and related national legislation is undergoing reforms. We offer a bird’s eye view on this and other topics.
In this issue:
  • An update on national legislation in Kazakhstan, arbitral institutions and landmark cases by Alexander Korobeinikov and Yana Levkut, Baker Mc Kenzie Almaty (p. 6).
  • A speech by the RT Hon. the Lord Woolf CH on the role of AIFC court in Nur-Sultan (p. 10).
  • An update on arbitration laws of the UAE by Illia Salei, Freshfields, Dubai (p. 13).
  • An interview with Alexandre Khrapoutski and his team, the organisers of the Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum (EEDRF) (p. 16).
  • A review of cases related to recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards with Kazakh parties in Russian courts (in Russian), by Natalya Kislyakova, KIAP, Moscow (p.
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  • And much more.

Download full text of the journal.

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