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Online dispute resolution: results of an international survey

Early 2020 the coronavirus, or COVID-19, caught the world by surprise. It first paralyzed China, then spread all over the globe, putting huge populations under a lockdown, infecting over four million people and devastating economies. In 2017 a small international community of mediators was formed. Together we conducted a questionnaire that resulted in our article “ADR in 24 countries”. We now thought to get back to our mediator colleagues and to find out how they and their countries are coping with the many limitations and government restrictions caused by the virus.

We sent a 10 question form about the situation in each country with regard to the operation of the Courts, the use of ODR and their opinion about online mediation. We got answers from 32 mediators in 30 countries, including Russia and certain States from Eastern Europe. The information we gathered is not necessarily official data, but rather the best knowledge and opinions of individual mediators.

Nevertheless, we believe it provides an understanding of the situation in those countries and also a collection of thoughts about ODR. We will present a summary of our findings followed by the actual raw questionnaires we obtained from our colleagues. A scenario in progress, with challenges and opportunities.

Download full text:

ODR in_30 Countries_2020 – Mediation in the COVID-19 Era

Giovanni Matteucci, Grosseto, Italy


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