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The Law and Policy of New Eurasian Regionalization: a new book published

The Law and Policy of New Eurasian Regionalization: Economic Integration, Trade, and Investment in the Post-Soviet and Greater Eurasian Space, edited by Anna Aseeva and Jędrzej Górski (ISBN: 978-90-04-44786-8) makes several unique contributions to the literature. First and foremost, most of the current literature is in either economics or politics, with only a secondary focus on legal and institutional matters.
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Secondly, and consequently, the book is accessible and relevant to readers both inside and outside the boundaries of the Eurasian area: not only geographical boundaries, but also legal, geopolitical, geoeconomic, cultural, and, indeed, disciplinary boundaries.
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Drawing on international, transnational, and comparative legal scholarship, this rich volume offers insights by a plethora of leading international scholars and practitioners in economics, institutional theory, area studies, international relations, global political economy, political science, and sociology. The contributors, scholars and practitioners alike, come from four corners of the globe, including Asia, Europe, and North America.
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The book includes a section on ADR:

Current Trends in International Arbitration in Russia: Protectionism or Preventionism? by Rinat R. Gareev

Transnational Dispute Settlement at the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry by Dmitry Davydenko

Effectiveness of International Arbitration: Are There Real Barriers to Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Russia? by Valeria Butyrina

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in the Republic of Azerbaijan by Azar Aliyev and Turkhan Ismayilzada

Commercial Dispute Resolution in the Union State of Russia and Belarus in the Light of the Singapore Convention on Mediation: Perspective of Harmonization? by Natalia Gaidaenko Schaer

An Assessment of VIAC and Energy Community as Alternative Dispute Settlement Centres in the CIS and Greater Eurasian Area: Strengths, Challenges, and Opportunities by Smaranda Miron and Stephan Karall

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