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Issue of on Sports Arbitration

The new issue of focused on Sports Arbitration
is largely about comparison. In sports, one compares speed,
strength and endurance of the athletes. The contributors are drawing parallels between commercial arbitration and arbitration in sports (e.
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g. baseball), analyzing recent prominent cases filed with the renowned Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), and comparing arbitration rules of the most prominent arbitral institutions.
Unlike athletes, the contributors do not compete against
each other. Instead, each contribution helps to get the big picture
as to what is happening in sports and commercial arbitration today.
One may also compare this issue with the very first issue of our journal published 3 years ago right after the FIFA World Cup 2018 was held in Russia.
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The largest difference was the public mood at the time these two issues were prepared: the 1st issue was published among the cheer and jeer of the 2018 World Cup celebration that connected nations across the globe and gave a promise of openness, whereas this 29th issue was made among the strain and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The editors hope that sports will be a force unifying, and not dividing the world once the pandemic is over.
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